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Don’t forget to print out directions to the interview location in case you lose your phone connection on the way. Make sure you know the name and contact details for the contact person you’re supposed to ask for when you arrive at the interview. A Pain Hypothesis is an educated guess about the principal reason the company is willing to spend money right now to hire someone. «The former employee left» is not a Pain Hypothesis because it doesn’t get to the real pain behind the job opening. Bring a handful of printed resumes with you to the interview.

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4. Applying prediffer plugins in the Folder Compare window

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Competition is also high among job applicants, and you are probably one of several interviewees. With this in mind, you want to leave a lasting impression that increases your chances of a call back for additional interviews with others or a job offer. We’ve talked about quite a few types of documents you might bring to the job interview… from copies of your resume to job references to salary research. It’s appropriate to bring notes with questions based on the info you saw on their job description, their company website, their social media profiles, and more. You’ll also want to have your laptop ready to take quick notes, reference any documents they might want to send you, or open any links they might pass along.

Check Your Technology

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Establishing rapport at the beginning of the phone conversation sets a favorable tone. During the first few minutes, mention something that shows commonality of interest or similarity in background. This helps both parties feel more comfortable as the conversation progresses. Remember that “salary” includes base, bonuses, commissions, benefits, and vacations as well as sick days and personal days.

Describe jobs in terms of duties and give indicators of good performance such as raises, sales volume, and promotions. Include short stories involving problems or challenges and how you were able to solve or overcome them. Always send a thank you letter or email to each person on the interview committee within 24 hours of an interview.

Make yourself trustworthy, answer questions in the form of a story, send a thank you note, research your interviewers on LinkedIn. Take some time after your interview to assess what you could have done better and what answers might need some refinement. If you do not get a job offer, making some adjustments helps you in future interviews. You will likely feel a sigh of relief after your interview is over, but you have not yet completed your work. You need to apply these seven effective interview follow-up tips to maximize your chances of getting a job offer or second interview.